Best LED Light Strips Review

1. The best multi-colored strip lights: Topmax 5050 16.4ft / 5m Led Strip Lights
WenTop Led Strip Lights Waterproof Led Tape Light
This economical light strip kit includes 16.4 feet of LED light strip, 44 colored remote control keys and a 12V 3A charger with built-in IC and fuse. This set of LEDs can switch between all the colors of the rainbow, including white and warm white. It is highly reviewed by customers and is one of the most popular options in complete kits of LED light strips.

2. The best white LED light strip light: EVERLE 16.4ft 12V flexible LED strip

If you want a strip of white LED light without the need to track a remote control with color change, this economical set of Lighting Ever is an excellent choice. This LED light strip has 300 LEDs on a 16.4-foot strip, and it's very bright. The strip can be cut to size and it is easy to put it in any way you want. The strip has strong tape on the back, making it very easy to install.

3. The best cheap white LED strip: ALWAYS lit 16.4ft white flexible LED strip

Here is another LED strip of 16.4 feet of LED EVER that is half the price. This is the best LED light kit for kitchens and other custom uses in your home. This light comes in two colors, either white or blue. It is easy to install and is perfect for any place that needs a little extra light, without costing you a lot of money.

4. Best discrete LED light strip: HitLights Eclipse LED Light Strip Accent Kit

This HitLights kit is perfect for small accent areas that need accent lighting. The LED strip is black, so it is almost invisible until you turn on the lights. This kit comes with four strips, connectors, controller, 3M backup tape, power supply and a two-year warranty. Also check your indoor LED kit, high density LED kit and weatherproof kit for more options.

5. The best waterproof white LED strip: Waterproof led WenTop strip lights

This super-economical WenTop light strip is an excellent starting point for configuring LED lighting indoors or outdoors. This weather resistant light can withstand wind, rain and snow, making it ideal for outdoor use, especially during the holiday season.

The 16.4-foot strip is cut-out and connectable so it can be used in many different places inside and outside your home or office. This strip is so economical because it does not come with a power supply or link hardware. This is positive for you because you can choose the best products to use according to your needs.

6. The best waterproof multi-color LED strip: Tingkam 16.4 feet 5M waterproof 5050 SMD RGB LED

This high quality LED strip light kit from Tingkam is not only reliable and flexible, it is also economical. These are the best strip lights carried for this low price. Some of the advantages of this kit include 44 color options, a black LED strip so it is not visible when not in use, double layer copper contacts, strong foam adhesive tape, power on / off switch on the power cord and remote control, and automatic circuit breaker protection included in the design.

7. Best under the counter strip lights: CefrankEfrank Set of 4 LED light kitchen bar cabinet

These Cefrank light strips are a little different from the flexible LED light strips on this list. They are designed to go under a counter and, therefore, are designed with a more durable and inflexible bar design. These are the best strip lights carried behind the furniture, under the desks, under the bars or behind the televisions.

The kit includes four cold white lights, with a lifetime of 50,000 hours and a power supply. Each bar has adhesive tape on the back, so it is not necessary to buy hanging hardware separately.

8. The best shortest light strip: eTopxizu Black PCB TV BackLight Kit

If you need strips of light for a smaller project, a shorter strip will do the job well. This eTopxizu kit measures 3.28 feet in length, perfect for lighting behind a television, computer monitor or individual piece of furniture. Best LED Light Strips Review


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